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Crime is always a concern..... in most large U.S. cities. It is also becoming more prevalent in small suburban communities.

Thinking that it can only happen to someone else and doing nothing to prepare yourself or take precautionary measures makes you the perfect potential crime victim.

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Waterford Lakes News August 2012

And So It Goes...

 Those words were said each evening at the end of a famous newscaster’s nightly report of the world’s news. While I don't cover world events or even national events, I do sometimes cover the stuff that's happening right here in Waterford Lakes. Ok, so maybe not like an actual news reporter but I'm pretty lucky to have an inside track on what happening in Waterford Lakes. Now don't fault me for that, because I really like what I'm doing here and the more I can share with you, the better all of us feel about our community. And this summer, with the Olympics going on, it's hard not to feel some pride in the things we all do, not just for ourselves but for each other. The Olympics are on a international stage but the best part of them are the stories that come out about the athletes’ struggles and challenges to get to the games and represent their communities and then their nations. This summer, have you noticed, the stories on athletes are amazing and then I think you would be surprised as well at the amazing stories we have right here in our community. 

WaterfordCAN! An Amazing Community Story

 I have written about WaterfordCAN! in virtually every email blast I do and this month is no different. Tomorrow as a matter of fact, Saturday August 4th is yet another amazing episode in collecting food and other needed items from your driveway for those who need short term help to put food on the table. The stories about those we are helping can sometimes make you cry and others will put a smile on your face. WaterfordCAN! is like the Olympics in Waterford Lakes. Did you know other communities participate in the same monthly event? Eastwood participates the same weekend; Waterford Chase has caught on and is joining in on the community food collection drive. For something that started as a one community attempt to make a difference right in their own neighborhood has grown to other communities. And each month, WaterfordCAN! collects just a little bit more. Our volunteers continue to show up each month bright and early, fill their gas tanks with gogo juice and trek the neighborhoods collecting your donations, sorting them and delivering them to the Spirit of Joy Church for the badly needed distribution. This community outreach is making a difference and I want you to know that we really need your help. Please participate and leave a canned donation on your driveway tomorrow morning. Your participation is just one small part in creating an amazing story about our community and what it does WILL make a bigger impact locally and who knows where it can go from here? 

So What's The Skinny (Not Dipping) On The Pool?

 For the last month or so it seems I have been sending a lot of email blast related to the pool and its closing. Your right! No Olympic games here but some things have changed at the pool in regards to the way we treat it with chemicals and what we are learning here in the office on how new technology is effecting our 30 year old pool infrastructure. A few months ago, the association in anticipation of changing Florida Health Codes purchased new chemical injection systems for the two pools.

These systems will assist us in lowering our chemical use like liquid chlorine and will ultimately save us money and help the environment. While all of that is all great news, we also need some time to learn about the systems, how they operate and how important it is for us to maintain water balance and cleanliness. Once the new systems were installed, we quickly learned how fast things can go south when folks use the pool as their potty. It has now been a chemist’s challenge to keep up with our demand for clean water. Our new system is in essence a salt system. We are now generating chlorine via salt in the pool water and use liquid chlorine as a backup.

For some of you who have salt pools at your homes, it is the same principle but in the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water in size. Over the past month, I have learned about phosphates and nitrates in commercial pool settings and what they mean to us and the health of our swimmers. Phosphates are by-products of folks using the pool as the toilet. Poop and Pee create an overabundance of phosphate which immediately attacks chlorine and in our case eating it faster then we can generate it and accelerating our liquid chlorine use as well. You can treat phosphates with chemicals in the pool and proper "Shocking" right after these "Potty" events. Nitrates on the other hand are not treatable with the addition of a chemical in the pool. Nitrates also gobble up chlorine. Nitrates come from airborne contaminates such as fertilizers, factories and plant materials.

They come from your cloths as it is really concentrated in items such as HE detergents we use in our High Efficiency washing machines and it’s in soaps and hair products. It's in the oils we apply to our bodies to protect us from sunburn and the list goes on and on. In the case of Nitrates, the only solution is to drain the pool, scrub it good, refill and then use good hygiene habits to keep the water healthy. The plan is that we do this "Drain and Clean" right after the first of September. The kids will be back in school, the use of the pool will drop substantially which will allow us to take a week and get the task completed. Early summer this year was extremely hot with very little rain and the new equipment assisted in bringing these issues to the "Surface".

I promise to keep you posted on when this project gets under way. I DO NOT anticipate that this task will take any longer than a week. It will take us one day to drain, another day to clean and then another day to fill and we will need a couple of days to get the water balanced. On another note, the WLCA Board is reviewing some changes to the pool rules that will assist with keeping the pool water clean. These rules are surprising simple to follow and actually remind me of when I was a kid long ago using the community pool. Things such as a 10 minute break where swimmers exit the pool for 10 minutes every hour providing for that needed potty break. The need to use the showers before entering the pool and not wearing street clothes to swim will make a big difference. Any help you can provide us in making sure others are following along will certainly make the pool a better place to be.

Walking/Bike Track Future Getting So Bright, You Might Have To Wear Shades!

 With recent repairs to the walk/bike track and the new gazebo and the ever improving landscape around the pond, the use of the area has increased. Everyone has really enjoyed the repairs/updates walking and biking around the .78 of a mile track. The areas use has really picked up. Folks are even using the gazebo to sit and relax and shoot the neighborhood gossip. Some are enjoying their days fishing along the banks under the shade of the trees. Way to go! That wonderful use has extended into the night time hours and the board continued to receive feedback from the community about the poor lighting around the pond. After consulting with Progress Energy and reviewing the area and its current lighting, WLCA found out that not only was the current lighting inadequate but was also a safety issue. After many months of working with Progress Energy to find a solution, the association through the Recreation Committee, the Operations Committee and then the WLCA Board, agreed to the installation of LED lighting. Progress Energy will remove the 16 very old and outdates poles and lights and will install 32 new poles and fixtures just like the ones now in use at the Rec Center parking lot but using LED technology. The fixture choice should not create a direct overspray of light into neighboring windows and the added fixtures will brighten the area and bring it up to date for safe use in the evening and early morning hours.

What Else Is Going ON?

School is about to start again in just a few short weeks. You know that means crazy traffic on Lake Underhill both morning and night and the return of school kids crossing a very busy intersection. The East Orange Sun reported just recently about a year long traffic study Orange County is conducting in Waterford Lakes and after the study, results being shared with commissioners and the community. Rest assured that WLCA is already involved. It's too early to know what the outcome will be, but I'm confident that improvements will be made based on the report that will make our community roads safer for the kids and our residents. Don't forget that at some point soon depending on Orange County; road work on Lake Underhill will begin. Stay tuned and be ready. As I hear the details, your email box will get the info on the asphalt! The wheels will hit the pavement and grass doesn't grow on busy highways!

And by the way, as I end this long email blast, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to participate in such a neat community. This month I celebrate my 5th year here. How time flies is not just a saying. It really does! I can't believe it's been 5 years already. I have learned so much. Not just about helping out and managing a community but also learning about people and how we learn from each other. I have learned that I can't always make everyone happy (although I still try) and that not everyone is going to agree (although I still try) and that not everyone is going to like me (although I still try). Even more than that, it's been about what I have learned from the residents, the needs of a vibrant community and the need to be a good listener. Thank you for giving me the lessons needed to be a better person and not just another guy at the office doing his thing as your manager. It is and has been much more then that! Thanks Again!

Remember, should you have any questions, need help or just need someone to listen, don't hesitate to stop in the office and say hi. Becky and I will continue to do our best in making sure you get the help or information you need. If we don't have the info, we will let you know and try to get you in the right direction. As always, our continued best and so it goes!

Ken Zook & Becky Black