House of the Month

 So many residents of Finns' Cove II are taking the time and putting forth the effort to make their homes look good.  By doing so we not only beautify our development but we also make it more attractive to potential buyers.  


When you drive around our little community you cannot help but be impressed by how well so many of the homes in the community look at first glance.  This is what realtors call "curb appeal".  This curb appeal or first look can have a significant impact on the potential future resident's feeling about Finns Cove II. 

A well manicured and attractively landscaped home also gives a great sense of satisfaction to the homeowner.  In today's economic climate the home that sells has to look special and the neighborhood surrounding it has to say "welcome".  Someday you may be that homeowner who wants to sell his or her home.  A good looking neighborhood says "buy me" to the potential buyer. 

Each month we will bring to you what we feel represents the best of the best.  With so many homes in our development among the best, it is not an easy task.  Eventually we will be able to share with all of our neighbors those homes that help build a favorable "curb appeal" that helps us all.


943 Hallowell