You may have heard that the master HOA of Waterford Lakes (WLCA – Waterford Lakes Community Association) is researching the possibility of purchasing the parcel of land on the southeast corner of Lake Underhill Road and Woodbury Road. This parcel is next to Discovery Middle School. The developer has been stopped from building a multi-level residential unit after pressure from the community. At this time the future use of this property is still in question. That being said WLCA has the option of purchasing the parcel and thus control of what the property will be used for in the future. WLCA can not go through with a purchase without the consent of the community as a whole and this consent will be given or denied through a vote by each individual subdivision within Waterford Lakes Community. (Each subdivision HOA will cast one vote). Now you as a homeowner within Finn’s Cove II have the opportunity to voice your opinion on this matter by following this link and completing this questionnaire. This is important since it will have a monetary impact on each of us. Please pass this on to your neighbors not all homeowners connect here with us. We are also doing an email blast with all known emails with a link to the form. Communication is key and we want everyone to have a say in this matter and the Finn’s Cove II HOA Board needs to know how the homeowners want the vote to go. Click This LINK: